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Understanding Co-op Living

Ownership and investment. Real community. Co-op living is designed to give you more, unlike the more traditional options of condos, townhouses or rentals.

What is a housing cooperative?

Members of a housing cooperative own and govern the building, land and common areas. This community of neighbors contribute monthly to cover operating expenses.

The Zvago Co-op Model

With our cooperative, you don’t need to secure individual financing for your own home. Zvago is a limited-equity cooperative, in which initial buyers typically choose from among several equity options. Your choice determines monthly payment and return when your shares are sold.

Limited-equity cooperatives provide a steady annual growth of member equity at a fixed rate of return on the initial share payment. This ensures that homes remain affordable and marketable long term.

Financial Security

The many cost advantages of co-op living includes a high level of owner financial security. You pay your one-time share payment (or equity payment) then your ongoing monthly membership fees. Because cooperatives operate at cost, co-op monthly fees are often well below rental market value.

Learn more—including your specific equity options with Zvago—here. Or contact us to discuss your best options with one of our Zvago Cooperative Consultants.


Financial Benefits
  • The same tax benefits associated with home ownership
  • Lower cost of entry than with many condos or townhomes
  • Defined appreciation schedules
  • Ease of selling shares
Ownership Benefits
  • Home ownership without the maintenance
  • Your own like-minded community
  • A say in how the cooperative is governed
  • Amenities and activities right at home

Personalized for you

One of the best-loved features of owning a home at Zvago is our personal in-house Personalization Manager. From start to finish, you’ll collaborate on selections to personalize your space, making it perfect for you. Contact us to get started.

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