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Zvago communities are found in attractive locations that take full advantage of the surrounding area. We’re always close to the things that make life convenient, active and fun — from shopping, dining and entertainment to health services, golf and outdoor recreation.

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Zvago Stillwater

Zvago Stillwater is coming soon to the birthplace of Minnesota near historic Main Street with shopping, dining, lodging and entertainment. This charming river town offers picturesque views and the 60-home cooperative community is still within minutes from the Twin Cities.

Status: Upcoming
Capacity: Presale Underway
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Fireside lobby of Zvago Stillwater

Zvago Lake Superior

Zvago Lake Superior is coming to Duluth’s stunning lakeshore. The 51-home cooperative community location offers stunning views of Lake Superior and easy access to entertainment, dining, shopping, health services, and outdoor recreation galore.

Status: In Construction
Capacity: 86% Full
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Zvago building overlooking Lake Superior

Zvago St. Anthony Park

Zvago St. Anthony Park is nestled in this close-knit St. Paul neighborhood, near popular restaurants and local businesses. This inviting area offers natural beauty and urban attractions, with our luxurious 49-home Zvago community in the heart of it all. Zvago St. Anthony Park is ready for occupancy spring 2019 and is 100% sold. We invite you to join the waitlist, or schedule a meeting to talk with us about finding your perfect home.

Status: Complete
Capacity: Waitlist Available
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Zvago St. Anthony Park

Finding your community

Not sure which community is for you? All Zvago cooperatives deliver the amenities and benefits for living better. To find the specific property that best meets your needs, talk to us.

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