Exterior of building

Central Village Construction Update

Happy New Year!
Things are moving right along on schedule, and interior finish work has begun! Here is this week’s construction update:
  • Roofing is 85% complete and should be completely finished in a couple of more days providing this good weather stays around.
  • Zone 1 Duct work is complete on floors 4, 3, and 2. HVAC rough-ins are 90% complete in Zone 2.
  • Electrical rough-ins are complete in Zone 1 and are in progress on the 4th floor of Zone 2.
  • Insulation is complete in all of Zone 1.
  • Sheetrock is complete in Zone 1 for floors 4, 3, and 2 and is in process for floor 1. Texturing is complete on floor 4 and in process on floor 3. Painting is complete on floor 4, and flooring and trim work begins next week!!