Lake Superior Construction Update

Hello, Zvago Lake Superior Members!

Here is this week’s construction update:

  • Electricians have completed all Zone 1 units. They are currently working to finish up the common areas.  In Zone 2 they have boxed out the first and second floor units. We expect to have permanent power next week.
  • Plumbers are working on third floor Zone 2 waste and vent. They are 90% done with their work in the garage.
  • HVAC workers are roughing in third floor units Zone 2.  They have all duct work installed on the fourth floor of Zone 1.
  • Sprinkler fitters are working on the second floor of Zone 2.
  • Carpenters are finishing units on the fourth floor of Zone 2. They are approximately 50% done with their roof TGI’s. They are framing inside on the third floor.
  • Sheet rockers are framing in soffits on the fourth floor. On the third floor, the unit ceilings are done and they started sheet rocking walls earlier this week.
  • Tapers will be finished taping the fourth floor today.
  • The elevator shaft is sheet rocked and taped.
  • Gypcrete for the fourth and third floor of Zone 1 will be poured next Thursday.
  • The rubber for the roof for Zone 2 is scheduled to start in the first week of June.

Have a great Holiday Weekend!