Lake Superior Construction Update

Hello Zvago Lake Superior members!

Here is this week’s update:

  • Electricians are currently working on the second floor of zone 2.
  • Plumbers are finalizing fixtures in zone 1 and doing air testing.
  • Sprinkler fitters are happy to report that all lines are filled with water and there are zero leaks.
  • Hvac installers are affixing the interior soffit vents and are working on the MagicPak tie ins.
  • All of the sheet rock is completely installed and the sheet rock tapers are working on the first floor units this week. All common areas are completed. Stair towers, storage lockers, and the garage will be completed next week.
  • Painters are starting on the first floor units and common areas tomorrow.
  • Siders are finishing up loose ends and are starting the deck rails tomorrow.
  • The concrete curb has been poured as well as the firetruck back-up lane. The sidewalk is 50% complete as are the patios and stoops.

Have a great weekend!