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Lake Superior Construction Update

In spite of the muddy, rainy, and windy conditions, we now have 80% of the footings poured and 25% of the foundation walls installed!

The elevator pit is in and has been backfilled, and the underground sump pumps and oil/water separators are in place.  Sand is being hauled in to backfill around footings as they are poured in order to keep them dry.  Yesterday we began installing the first large retaining wall off the east side of the building (out of camera range so you can’t see it from the live cam.)

Over the next two weeks we will be continuing to bring the foundation walls up to first floor grade, and also will be installing the main retaining wall along the driveway.  All of this is in preparation for our first precast delivery, which is planned for right around Thanksgiving!


Click here to check out the construction progress.

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