Zvago Lake Superior

Lake Superior Construction Update

Stay up-to-date on the construction progress at Zvago Lake Superior!

As of yesterday, we have confirmed with our contractor that the project remains on schedule and they do not foresee any delays.  Here is what has been going on at Zvago Lake Superior:

  • The carpenters are working on roof framing, roof sheeting, and roof parapets. We are looking to be completed with zone one roof framing on April 2nd.
  • HVAC is working on exhaust piping and venting on the third floor and are also laying out on the fourth floor.
  • The plumbing crew is working on the fourth floor waste and vent piping and should be done with that early next week.
  • The electricians are boxing out units on the third floor and setting their switch gears in the garage. They will start pulling wire once the roof is in place.
  • Roofing is scheduled to start on April 6th, weather permitting.

Have a great weekend!

Zvago Lake Superior Zvago Lake Superior Zvago Lake Superior Zvago Lake Superior