Zvago Lake Superior

Lake Superior Construction Update

Our construction crew is working hard on your home!

Hello, Zvago Lake Superior Members!

It was so nice to see so many of you on the Fitness Equipment Zoom call this week.  We are using your input and feedback to put together a revised equipment package that will be tailored to Zvago Lake Superior.

Here is the construction update for this week:

  • We have sheet rock being installed!!  All of the ceilings in zone one have been completed and sheet rock is going up on the walls this week!
  •  Windows are being installed on the first floor and the deck footings are in.
  •  The electricians are currently working on the first floor of zone one having had inspections completed on floors 4,3 and 2.  The plumbers have had all of zone one inspected, tubs in zone one have been installed, and rough-ins have started in zone two.
  •  Sprinklers are completed on zone one, floors 4,3, and 2.  They are currently being installed on the first floor.  HVAC rough-ins are finished for all of zone one, and unit duct work began this week on the fourth floor.  HVAC rough-ins are starting in zone two.
  •  Insulation is being installed in zone one.  They are finishing up all walls of floors four and three, and they will begin the second floor on Monday.  In zone two, the carpenters are busy laying the floor on the fourth floor.  Fourth floor walls are onsite and ready to be installed.

Enjoy the weekend!

Construction at Lake Superior Construction at Lake Superior Construction at Lake Superior Construction at Lake Superior