Lake Superior Construction Update

Hello, Zvago Lake Superior members!  A lot of progress has been made since our last newsletter.  Here is this week’s update:

  • Electricians – are working on the 2nd floor of Zone Two.
  • Plumbers – are finishing up the installation of bathtubs in Zone Two.
  • HVAC – installation of unit ductwork on 4th floor of Zone Two is in progress.
  • Sprinklers – all sprinkler rough-ins are completed and they are working on the garage.
  • Sheet rockers – sheetrock is being installed on the 4th floor of Zone Two.
  • Sheet rock tapers – taping is underway on the 1st floor of Zone One.
  • Painters – painting is in progress on the 2nd floor of Zone One.
  • Flooring – floors are being installed in the units on the 4th floor of Zone One.
  • Trim carpenters – are hanging cabinets and trimming units on the 4th floor of Zone One.
  • Carpenters – are finishing the inside framing in Zone Two and are building decks.
  • Siders – siding has just started being installed.
  • Brick layers – bricks are 95% installed on the building.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday weekend!