Lake Superior Construction Update

The progress continues on your new home…it won’t be long now!

Hello Zvago Lake Superior Members,

Here is this week’s update:

  • Electricians have completely finished Zone 1 and are currently working on the fourth floor of Zone 2. The garage is 75% done.
  • Plumbers have finished work in Zone 1 and are doing air testing. The garage is 95% done.
  • HVAC finished the building duct work this week.
  • Sprinkler fitters have finished the air testing and have turned on the water to the system.
  • Sheet rockers have completed everything, except for the storage lockers.
  • Tapers have finished the second floor of Zone 2 and the common areas are completed, as well.
  • Siding is 85% completed.
  • Carpenters have all of the decks framed, and decking is in place for all but five of the decks.  They will begin installation of the rails and post wraps next week.
  • Trim carpenters are working on the fourth floor of Zone 2. They will be starting on the third floor next week.
  • Caulkers are on site working in the garage, on the brick, and in the units.
  • Cleaners have started in the units and will have them ready for you to move in.
  • The elevator has been approved and is up and running!


Have a great weekend!